Duty Roster

 Safety Boat Duty Jetty Duty Officer  
Date9 am – 1 pm1pm – 5pm9 am – 1 pm1pm – 5pm
1 Mar 2020MikeRichard
8 Mar 2020Geoff Geoff
15 Mar 2020Jayne Darren
22 Mar 2020IanBarry MW
29 Mar 2020
5 Apr 2020Mike
12 Apr 2020
19 Apr 2020Alan or Deb DAlan or Deb D
26 Apr 2020

Please would afternoon Safety boat and Duty officers be ready to start at 1pm. This will provide more flexibility and enable Sailing to continue through lunch or vary times of racing etc., thank you.
If the same safety boat driver is doing the morning and afternoon, a ‘stand in’ should be found for an hour to allow for a break (or sailing should cease for an hour).