The Jack Petchey Foundation

Jack Petchey is one of the UK’s most successful businessmen. In 1999 he set up the Jack Petchey foundation as he wanted to give opportunities to young people in London. Over the last nine years he has given over £50 million to schools, clubs and projects which benefit young people in London.

SYM are lucky to be one of the clubs that benefit from the Jack Petchey foundation. Any of our junior members that have achieved something worthy of merit may be nominated for a Jack Petchey Award. A successful nomination will be rewarded with a medallion, a certificate and a cheque for the club.

The club member may then decide what he/she wishes the money to be spent on. Recent projects have included: the purchase of launching trolleys for the Pico’s, covers for our wayfarers and the purchase of maintenance tools and equipment. A trip away for our junior members was also funded by money received from the jack Petchey foundation.

In addition to the achievements of junior members, a senior club member may be nominated annually for special recognition.

Without the generous support of the Jack Petchey foundation much of the equipment purchased recently would not have been possible.